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Who We Are

  • 2,350+

    Projects completed since founding in 2001

  • 1,880+

    Total number of projects as a result of repeat clients.

  • 50+

    Total staff of senior team members, estimators, project executives, etc...

Our Mission

At Iron Construction, we provide best-in-class commercial construction services in the Bay Area for any business that is looking for the optimal space to do their best work. Our approach to each project is determined solely by our focus, and our focus every time is you. From the planning stage to the final walk-through, our seasoned professionals are trained to listen to you.

We aspire to give each client a unique space perfectly tailored to their needs in order to achieve our goal: total customer satisfaction.

Code of Honor

Some big things we value and practice. And why.


We are honest and trustworthy. We conduct ourselves in a truthful, fair and ethical manner. We believe in keeping our word, doing the right thing and being fair with everyone.


We believe in communication that is clear, effective and encourages input from all members. All communication should have a purpose, clearly stated issues and a path forward.


We are committed to providing a safe work environment for everyone, no exceptions. We provide safety training, inspections, and recognition for those who maintain our safety standards.


You can count on us! Accountability means being responsible, following through, taking initiative, ownership and honoring commitments to all.


We are proactive and prepared! Working with Iron Construction means having a team that understands the process, does their homework, and plans ahead for any issues that may arise.


We celebrate all achievements at Iron Construction. Success for us means strong client relationships, mission-focused teams, and a commitment to going above-and-beyond in all levels of the project.


Beyond Green: Building a Sustainable Future

When we talk about our commitment to sustainability, we are talking about building green and being green, about delivering ever greener work spaces to our clients and reducing the environmental impact of our operations. We emphasize this in the education and training of our people.

We strive to be experts in sustainable construction to help our clients meet their goals—maximizing the value for building occupants and minimizing our collective impact on the environment.

Affiliations & Memberships

We believe being connected to the greater community allows for bigger, better and bolder dialogue, decision-making opportunities and collaborative growth. Iron is very proud to hold membership in professional associations that advance the construction industry.

CREW Silicon Valley is dedicated to influencing the success of the commercial real estate industry by advancing the achievements of women.

The Silicon Valley Chapter of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) is the premier organization for leadership, education, innovation and information sharing for the facility management industry. We consistently reimage, redefine, and reinvent how we deliver the highest value for our professional and associate members, our local community and the future of our industry.

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and its community are changing the way buildings and communities are designed, built and operated.

ISPE delivers technical and operational solutions to support our Members across the global pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry in the manufacture of quality medicines for patients.

The San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce doing business as The Silicon Valley Organization (The SVO) cultivates the next generation of leaders in Silicon Valley through providing civic engagement opportunities for the business community in order to advance workforce development partnerships with the goal of improving student readiness for college and career.